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Sabong is a Filipino term for cockfighting and it’s a popular gambling sport in the Philippines. There are different types of sabong matches, but most common type is the one between two roosters/cocks fighting each other until one of them gives up. The roosters/cocks are matched by size and weight before they get matched in the ring to fight against each other. There are no restrictions in cockfight as you can bet on anything such as who wins and how long time it gets to finish the duel between two roosters/cocks.

How do I place a Sabong bet at JILIEVO?

Sabong is a Filipino term for cockfighting and it is one of the most common ways of gambling in the Philippines. The following teaches you how to place a bet at jiliko.

  • Step 1. You must have an account to register or log in
  • Step 2. Click on your personal account to make a deposit
  • Step 3. Confirm the deposit amount and click Confirm
  • Step 4. After confirming the deposit, click on Sabong

Then you can play the game right away!

HIt's pretty simple to learn how to play online cockfighting

The aim of playing online cockfighting is to win. But getting all the tips and tricks to win isn’t that easy. Don’t worry, we will give you some great online cockfighting tips so that you can have a great time while playing this game.

Like most other combat sports, sabong features three stages where players can either win or lose: the ulatan (which translates to ‘harass’ or ‘pester’), the ruweda (or ‘buffet’), and finally the fight itself. Sabong is one of many styles of Filipino boxing.


The ulatan is the pre-fight “tale of the tape,” where fighting fowl are paired based on their physical characteristics. Blades can be double-edged, or they can be fitted to either leg as per agreements between owners.


The next step in the process of a cockfighting event is called the Sabong Ruweda. During this time, owners of cocks show off their animals’ fighting qualities to bettors and spectators. The casador, who announces the rules of the fight and makes sure they’re being followed throughout, also refers to himself as a caller during this time.


The fights have no fixed duration and there’s no specific time limit for bouts; this tournament uses a predetermined time limit for each fight. The referee will call “finish” when one of the birds appears to be losing its strength or stamina.

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