Facebook daily tasks, free benefits that can be received every day

The Facebook daily task has been opened, dear players, remember to come and receive your exclusive benefits every day


Entry conditions:

Participants must already be members of the platform and have recharged any amount on the platform.

Members must follow our official Facebook page and subscribe to our Telegram channel.


daily activities

1: Members must have more than 500 Facebook fans

2: The post shared by members on the day must have 10 likes to get a bonus of ₱28

3: If you complete the sharing task for 10 consecutive days, you will receive an additional cumulative bonus of ₱100

4: You can only receive it once a day, and the bonus turnover is x3


Steps to claim your bonus:

1: The player shares our post related to the event on their social media

2: On the day of sharing, the user must go to our customer service before 23:00 pm to provide a screenshot of the successful sharing.

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