Exclusive benefits for new members, with bonuses up to P68,888

Promotion Details:
120% Welcome Bonus For New Member :
1. You can claim for the 120% WELCOME BONUS in TOTAL.
2. As you deposit the amount and apply for the welcome bonus.
3. You can apply the welcome bonus as follows:

1st Deposit30%X8
2nd Deposit30%X8
3rd Deposit25%X8
4th Deposit20%X8
5th Deposit15%X8

4. This promotion is for Slot Games  only.
5. This offer does not enjoy any rebate bonus.
6. 8x valid bet turnover subjected before withdrawal.
7. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion offer.

Important Notice:
1. You can enjoy the deposit bonus for your first 5 times deposit. Minimum Deposit of ₱100.
2. Mobile Number must be fully VERIFIED.
3. Bonus valid bet turnover calculation: ( Total deposit amount + Bonus ) X 8.
4. Example: You deposit for the first time with ₱100, you can get extra ₱30 for the bonus.
    (₱100+₱30) X 8 = ₱1040 (Valid bet turnover, have to complete before withdrawal).

How to Claim:
Deposit Page  ->  Select Deposit Channel -> Click box under Choose Promotion (Welcome Bonus)

 Member must apply before all the games start. if the amount had changed, you will not be able to apply promo.
 Please wait at least 10 to 15 minutes to validate your betting turnover.

Terms & Conditions:
1. All slots bets will count toward the total bet required and all placed bets and canceled bets will not be counted towards the total number of valid bets.
2. Our company has the ability to change, modify and cancel any promotions or conditions at any time, especially in group or syndicate games, without the consent of the members.
3. Only one account per player is allowed. no same ip address, bank account, and contact number allowed. players who have multiple or fraudulent accounts will not be qualified for this promotion.
4. All promotions, terms and conditions are subject to the knowledge of our company
5.When players use promotional bonuses for game bets, they will not receive any rebate on the bonus bet amount, but the withdrawal turnover will be calculated normally.

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