Invite friends and get unlimited bonuses

Every active player member has a referral code and link automatically generated by our system. Simply share the code or link with interested parties and you can start collecting your rewards.

How do I recommend someone?

Share your referral code or link with the person you want to refer. Make sure your referee is registered by clicking on your referral link. If the member you refer meets the requirements and is verified as our new member, it will be considered a successful referral..

STEP Members—Invite friends

Referral Bonus: Single referral reward

Valid Referee Conditions

1000 Deposit+1000 Valid Turnover
Bonus For Referral120 (3x Turnover)


A invites B, A can get P120, 

If you refer a friend and their deposit reaches P1000 (no matter how long it takes), you will get P120 bonus.

If you refer 10 players who meet the requirements, you can get(10 x P120)Bonus is Unlimited


1: The referee must have a deposit history with any amount.

2Invitee must verify mobile number

3: As long as the referee meets up the requirements, the bonus will be credited automatically

4: The more players you invite, the more commission you will get

Referral Achievement Rewards:

Cumulative recommendationBonusTurnover

If the cumulative number of referrals meets the requirements, you can receive generous bonuses

Referral Rebate Bonus : You can also get a 0.5% rebate on the betting amount of all players you invite, it will automatically issued every day before 12:00PM (Only for: Slot, Fishing, Board Games)

How to calculate:
1. Level 1 rebate = (A + B) * 0.5%;
2. Level 2 rebate = (A1 + A2 + B1 + B2) * 0.1%;
3. level N rebate = (level N) * 0.1% ^(N-1);

Terms and Conditions:

1. Register  whose currency is PHP.

2. The friends you recommend do not include those registered with Our platform registration.

3. The member you refer must meet the requirements to be a valid referral member and must make a deposit of at least PHP 1,000 and a valid turnover of PHP 1000 within 30 days from the date of registration.

4. Your friends must register for a member account and make a deposit through the link/QR code you provided in order to be eligible to participate in this event.

5. My company management reserves the right to change, modify, add or abolish these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

6. The referrer’s participation is subject to the terms and conditions stated under the program and the website, and the use of the same IP address, bank account and contact number is not allowed. Players with multiple or fraudulent accounts will not be eligible for this promotion.

7. My company also reserves the right to inquire about member transaction records and login status at any time. We reserve the right to disqualify references without notice if we become aware of and believe to be an abuse of qualifications and rights by any end user or group of individuals.

8. Referees are also subject to my company General Rules Terms and Conditions.

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